I Will Prevail.

It’s a cold and rainy day in Baltimore . . . and I’m sifting through ideas for a new book. Slideways, Sliptime, and Lunar Tide, the Brothers of the Multiverse trilogy, has been published (Amazon). My characters—Ben, Jack, Flora, and Zac’s internal and external journeys span space, time, and matter. They have earned a rest. Right?

Ben snickers as if he knows better. Flora encourages me to follow my heart. Zac shakes his head and tosses me his laser pistol. Albert, or the memory of Albert, persists some when in time waiting for his chance to usurp control.

So, do I follow with a fourth book in the series, or move on to more fertile ground—something new, creative, and unprecedented? We shall see. My eyes stray to the window. The rain is relentless, but I will prevail.

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