Looking for summer reads?

The ‘Brothers of the Multiverse’ trilogy by Jeff Grode is complete. Slideways (1), Sliptime (2), and Lunar Tide (3) e-books are now on sale for $0.99 at https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08FCCXDMK/

Think sci-fi, fantasy, humor, romance, and adventure. You will love these books!

SLIDEWAYS: What if you fell in love with someone you met in a parallel universe, and you knew you shouldn’t stay? Could you make the right decision? Follow the adventures of Ben Fuller as he navigates life, love, and global war in the multiverse.

SLIPTIME:  What if you made a serious mistake, but had the power to go back in time for a do-over? Would you risk trading one timeline over another? Find out what happens to Ben Fuller, his family, and a resurrected robot, when they bend time to save the world.

LUNAR TIDE: What if a former advisory kidnaps your father before your eyes? Would you vow to find the villain and save your father no matter what? The Fullers ride the lunar tide as it pulls them through time, the afterlife, and to the Moon itself—where their enemies arrive ready for battle.

Thanks and enjoy! Jeff Grode

Author: Jeff Grode

I love writing science fiction and fantasy novels. My characters feel real, and the more you learn about them, the more interesting and entertaining they become. As they slay their metaphorical dragons, I challenge them with trials, conflict, and tension. My stories are your stories and are woven with experience. We might find ourselves fighting with a magic wand or a laser pistol, but we'll discover love, loss, fear, or hope along the way. Each and every one of us will be tested and the final outcome holds a surprise. I enjoy living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and watching the sunset. I've published three science fiction novels, and I'm currently working on my fourth novel--a fantasy set in medieval Europe. I wish you all well and hope you enjoy reading. Jeff

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