I am very excited . . .

Jeff Grode

It’s wonderful to have fans provide positive reviews about my ‘Brothers of the Multiverse Novels.’ I published SLIDEWAYS (Book 1) a year ago, SLIPTIME (Book 2) last August. LUNAR TIDE (Book 3) is a work in progress for late 2019.

In the past two days fans have asked, “When does the next book come out? I really enjoyed the first two.”

I’m excited because I’m having fun writing. I am testing my characters’ metal with situations, choices, and decisions that will affect their future and those around them. I am putting all of the pieces together and leaving room for the best possible ending. (I have several versions in mind, and waiting to discover which one rings true.” I hope you enjoy the novels.

Thanks, Jeff

FYI Below is an add in Kirkus Reviews, March 2019 magazine, page 32)

SLIDEWAYS Featured in Kirkus Review Magazine

I am excited! Kirkus Reviews Indie Editors selected my novel, SLIDEWAYS, to be featured in their February 1 magazine. My review appears as one of the 35 reviews in the Indie section of the magazine which is sent out to over 5,000 industry professionals (librarians, publishers, agents, etc.) Less than 10% of the Indie reviews are chosen for this, so I’m told it’s a great honor. I have attached the digital snapshot from page 191.

Publishing is good, being read is better. Try SLIDEWAYS and SLIPTIME. I think you may enjoy them. Check out the reviews. Both SLIDEWAYS and the sequel, SLIPTIME are available on Amazon in both paperback ($16.95) and digital formats ($.099 and $2.99.)  https://amzn.to/2OGqKmW

Kirkus review

Home for the Holidays?

If your home, or just want to get away, dive into SLIDEWAYS and slip into the multiverse—a great Sci-Fi novel for the holidays. Available on paper, or digital ($0.99), at Amazon. https://amzn.to/2OGqKmW

Kirkus Review: In Grode’s sci-fi debut, a teenage boy becomes involved in a battle for the fate of the universe. . . Grode’s writing is densely saturated with detail, taking plenty of time to explore his rich concept. . . The story finishes with a satisfying resolution, laying the groundwork for future adventures. An eventful an immersive inter-dimensional romp.

Would Advanced Technology Help?

What if you fell in love with someone while in a parallel universe, and you knew you shouldn’t stay? Could you make the right decision? 
Slideways Fans
Could you avoid conflict and save your friends, family, and world from death and destruction? Would advanced technology help?

Follow the adventures of Ben Fuller as he navigates the multiverse.
Shop now for SLIDEWAYS and SLIPTIME, Books 1 and 2 of The Brothers of the Multiverse Novels.


Nestled in the wooded community of Columbia, Maryland are the most beautiful trails for an early morning bike ride. I zipped through the alternating shade and sunlight as the sun leaked through the canopy of green leaves above.

Exhilaration churned my legs as I wheeled up a rolling hill, coasted downward, and hit the brakes on a small wooden bridge in a flash of large birds squawking. I had startled a ‘committee’ of vultures. Feathers flew as ten of the large black birds took wing. I heard their wings strain when their heavy bodies lifted from the bridge. They circled me and landed in the nearby trees.

I counted thirty-five birds in the surrounding trees. If my math is right, seventy eyes watched me in the eerie morning silence. What did they see in me—a curious human or a future meal? I took a few pictures, but decided to move on.

As I left the bridge, I wondered if I had interrupted their rest or their morning meal. According to Wikipedia, “a group of vultures is called a kettle, committee or wake. The term kettle refers to vultures in flight, while committee refers to vultures resting on the ground or in trees. Wake is reserved for a group of vultures that are feeding.”

Had they been feeding? In my mind I pictured a dead deer laying beneath the bridge. That’s easy to reckon. You often see vultures in groups of three waiting on street lights in Columbia for their next meal. Waiting for the blue Honda Accord to accidently hit a squirrel, raccoon, or something larger. The vultures provide a service to our community—cleaning up the dead varmints in the neighborhoods, or at least most of them.

But what if they weren’t feasting on a deer carcass laying below the bridge? What if it was an animal that had walked on two legs? I turned the bike around and coasted back to the bridge.

Seventy eyes watched me dismount my bike, kneel by the railing, and study the murky green water below. My eyes searched for arm, a leg, or a soggy pair of Nikes, but I only saw long feathers. I couldn’t peer directly under the bridge, not without crawling down the hill and getting wet. I glanced back at the vultures who waited silently and patiently should I slip and bump my head on the way down.

Alas, my curiosity has its bounds. I climbed back upon my bike, rode through the pleasant neighborhoods, and made it home in time for breakfast.


Great news. Summer is waning, but there’s still time to have a quick summer read.

If you’ve enjoyed my first novel, SLIDEWAYS, and Ben Fuller’s wild ride through the multiverse, you’ll be happy to know the sequel, SLIPTIME, is now available on-line via Amazon. Think robots and time-travel!

Purchase your copy push via this link: https://amzn.to/2OGqKmW


In SLIDEWAYS, sixteen-year-old Ben’s confidence and family life have never been better since meeting Jack, his doppel-brother from Terra, a planet in a parallel universe. Earth battles with Erde, a desolate planet from the multi-verse, and Ben’s sacrifice saves countless lives.

SLIPTIME, a Brothers of the Multiverse Novel, Book 2, follows the adventures of Ben, Jack, Lori, and Patrick. Ben, his grandfather, and a resurrected robot slip the bonds of time to save the world.

Patrick races the clock to stop an enemy drone from opening a portal between Earth and Erde. He rebuilds a damaged robot, Amorphous, modifies its microprocessor, and unlocks the mystery of time travel. The stakes have never been higher as secrets turn past friends into foes, and brothers into allies.

Ben borrows Patrick’s new time-medallion, attempts to help Jack with a personal crisis on Terra, and is shocked by what he finds. Ben accepts help from Amorphous and dares to change the past once more. Despite the risk of unintended consequences, Ben rides the twisting timelines to save his friends, family, and the future of his world.

Thanks. Hope you enjoy. Jeff Grode


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My name is Jeff Grode. I grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania, and currently reside on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. I love the beach and tidal rivers and know my way around kayaks, horses, and a good story.

I’m a lifelong fan of reading science fiction, fantasy, and spy novels, and found a love for creative writing. Science fiction is the backdrop for my stories, but I focus on interactions with friends, family, and conflict in a world undergoing fast technological change.

I hope you check out my books and enjoy the ride.


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