Checking In

Hello All. Hope you are doing well,

I love writing science fiction and fantasy novels. My characters feel real, and the more you learn about them, the more interesting and entertaining they become. As they slay their metaphorical dragons, I challenge them with trials, conflict, and tension.

My stories are your stories and are woven with experience. We might find ourselves fighting with a magic wand or a laser pistol, but we’ll discover love, loss, fear, or hope along the way. Each and every one of us will be tested and the final outcome holds a surprise.

I enjoy living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and watching the sunset. I’ve published three science fiction novels, and I’m currently working on my fourth novel—a fantasy set in medieval Europe. I wish you all well and hope you enjoy reading.

Jeff Grode

My books are available on Amazon in paperback and e-book.

Brothers and Sisters of the Multiverse.

Hope you are faring well in these difficult times. Family, friendship, humor, action, romance, and adventure are essential. (Along with a good mask.)

Want to get away and stay inside? Read the Sci Fi ‘Brothers of the Multiverse’ series-Slideways, Sliptime, and Lunar Tide and be entertained.

I hope you’ll get as much enjoyment reading these books as I did creating the characters, flaws and all, the obstacles in their path, and the deep friendships they build over time.

I’m currently working on a fantasy novel-Magic, dragons, swords, a princess or two, and adventure.

You can find more information on the available series by clicking the URL below.…


I’ve always loved to read books, and dreamt of becoming an author. Writing has become my hobby, and the stories have become my new world-amid the wonderful real life distractions of life, love, and family.

That’s how I weave my science fiction stories- with life, love, and family, sprinkle in tragic loss, heroic actions, betrayals, dying planets, intergalactic warfare, science, robots, romance, who takes whom to the prom, and ultimately science becomes magic.

Like Ben Fuller (SLIDEWAYS), all of us have felt loss in our lives, and we handle it different ways grief.

How many of you have had a crush on a girl or boy while you were in middle school, or high school, and never acted upon it? Feeling stuck in the friend zone? What if you found the courage to act?

Many of us see the power of sweeping technological changes in your lives. Some may see it as good others bad. We expect more to come our way.

What if the changes were beyond our abilities to make our world a safe place to live? Take a lesson from Ben’s experiences in the multiverse and have some fun along the way.

Use the link to  Buy SLIDEWAYS on Amazon

Staying Alive.

The world, and our lives, are changing. The new normal, wearing masks and gloves to the grocery store, sheltering in place, and avoiding others so we don’t spread the virus, makes life complicated, but necessary to save lives. We as humans can adapt. (I may never go back to a public gym unless we all get vaccines.)

Despite erratic weather, global warming, civil unrest, profound political challenges, rising unemployment, global hackers, rising healthcare costs, . . . we still have families to raise. Sometimes I wish we could all escape into a parallel universe where life is calmer, safer, and more loving . . .but we can’t.

We have to make the best of what we have here and now . As human beings, we need to reach out to our family, friends, leaders, and businesses to work together and improve health and safety within our cities, communities, places of worship, and schools. I pray for all of us, but especially for our children’s future.

Please make your vote count this fall.

Thanks, Jeff

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone has a great 2020.

I had a nice little break from writing around the holidays. With ‘Lunar Tide’ finished, the Sci-Fi trilogy is complete. (Lunar Tide’s Max knows better.)

I promise to comeback to Sci-Fi at some point in the future, but I have started writing a fantasy series. I am keeping the title close to the vest, at least that’s what my dragon advised me. He’s a nice fellow unless you provoke him.

Thanks again to my readers. If you like my books please visit amazon, go to your digital orders, and give me a good customer review (5 rating is best). Thanks, Jeff.

I Will Prevail.

It’s a cold and rainy day in Baltimore . . . and I’m sifting through ideas for a new book. Slideways, Sliptime, and Lunar Tide, the Brothers of the Multiverse trilogy, has been published (Amazon). My characters—Ben, Jack, Flora, and Zac’s internal and external journeys span space, time, and matter. They have earned a rest. Right?

Ben snickers as if he knows better. Flora encourages me to follow my heart. Zac shakes his head and tosses me his laser pistol. Albert, or the memory of Albert, persists some when in time waiting for his chance to usurp control.

So, do I follow with a fourth book in the series, or move on to more fertile ground—something new, creative, and unprecedented? We shall see. My eyes stray to the window. The rain is relentless, but I will prevail.

To the Moon and Back.

I traveled to the Moon and back when I researched the Apollo missions for LUNAR TIDE, book 3 of the ‘Brothers of the Multiverse’ series. I added a dab of science fiction and a glob of fantasy to create characters, demi-gods, monsters, and events that won’t be found in traditional history books. We also re-discover a few characters who have passed into the afterlife.

I enjoyed writing his book and creating the world the story lives within. I encourage you to read Lunar Tide and meet Flora, Zac, the Voremax, Varanus K., and Princess Mélange.

The Brothers of the Multiverse trilogy by Jeff Grode is complete! Slideways (1), Sliptime (2), and Lunar Tide (3) are available in paper and digital format at Amazon. Customer reviews welcome. Enjoy!

Thanks, Jeff Grode

Click link for Lunar Tide description.

I am very excited . . .

Jeff Grode

It’s wonderful to have fans provide positive reviews about my ‘Brothers of the Multiverse Novels.’ I published SLIDEWAYS (Book 1) a year ago, SLIPTIME (Book 2) last August. LUNAR TIDE (Book 3) is a work in progress for late 2019.

In the past two days fans have asked, “When does the next book come out? I really enjoyed the first two.”

I’m excited because I’m having fun writing. I am testing my characters’ metal with situations, choices, and decisions that will affect their future and those around them. I am putting all of the pieces together and leaving room for the best possible ending. (I have several versions in mind, and waiting to discover which one rings true.” I hope you enjoy the novels.

Thanks, Jeff

FYI Below is an add in Kirkus Reviews, March 2019 magazine, page 32)

SLIDEWAYS Featured in Kirkus Review Magazine

I am excited! Kirkus Reviews Indie Editors selected my novel, SLIDEWAYS, to be featured in their February 1 magazine. My review appears as one of the 35 reviews in the Indie section of the magazine which is sent out to over 5,000 industry professionals (librarians, publishers, agents, etc.) Less than 10% of the Indie reviews are chosen for this, so I’m told it’s a great honor. I have attached the digital snapshot from page 191.

Publishing is good, being read is better. Try SLIDEWAYS and SLIPTIME. I think you may enjoy them. Check out the reviews. Both SLIDEWAYS and the sequel, SLIPTIME are available on Amazon in both paperback ($16.95) and digital formats ($.099 and $2.99.)

Kirkus review